Drain blockage and sewer repairs is one of Hot Water Installer’s specialties. We can lend you our expertise that combines 40 years experience and state-of-the-art technology to unblock drains in and around your home, office or construction site. We provide a comprehensive and dependable range of drain and sewer services that ensure peace of mind, don’t disrupt your day and are 100% reliable and cost effective.

Sometimes sewer pipes can collapse, leak or even have tree roots creep through into the pipe, disrupting service. Using superior CCTV technology, we can assess the problem and fix it on the spot.
Blocked drain? No problem. Hot Water Installer can use its advanced technology and industry standard expertise to get everything flowing again.
We can also use the new industry apparatus known as Jetting to solve your drain issues in the long term.
For honest, speedy and reliable drain and sewer service that’s priced upfront without any nasty surprises, call Hot Water Installer for a quote today.

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