Commercial Hot Water

Hot Water Installer,  for many years now, have been serving businesses, large and small in all suburbs of Melbourne. Give us a call today for a chat on 1800 811 420 or 03 98791300.

We understand the importance of having reliable hot water and heating systems to enable your business to operate continuously.

Poorly maintained systems can create substantial costs both in damage repairs and poor efficiency having a costly effect on your fuel bills.

We offer a number of options assisting commercial operations, servicing and maintenance of your hot water and heating systems and associated plant.

From upfront maintenance on demand to a fully managed annual maintenance program, Hot Water Installer can offer you out top level of service backed up with emergency response and extensive range of spare parts and accessories.

Whether you have a single hot water unit or a large centralised bank system we will be able to assist you with your service needs.

Some of the systems we cover are:

  • Individual hot water systems
  • Multi systems on manifolds
  • Storage bulk systems with tank and manifold combinations
  • Ultraviolet sterilization
  • Warm water management/Temperature certified systems
  • Pump and circulation systems
  • Heat Exchanger systems linked to heating/process systems
Maintenance options

There are a number of maintenance options available to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your system. These include:

  • Individual service requests – These are booked by the customer as required as a general service or a maintenance call when needed.
  • Performance Inspection – This is an appliance/system inspection, which checks the general condition and efficiency of an appliance or system.
  • Programmed Maintenance Service – A complete overhaul of the appliance and system including a removal and maintenance of all major components, testing of safety devices and electronic analysis of efficiency to ensure your system is running at optimum performance. All managed and arranged by us so you never need to worry about missing a service.

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